Ewe Care is a specialised product fed to ewes 21 days prior to lambing to ensure a smooth transition from late pregnancy through to lambing and early lactation.




  • Provides energy density and high quality protein when ewes need it most
  • Contains anionic salts
  • Contains flavour enhancers
  • Contains 33mg/kg of Bovatec®
  • Contains the correct balance of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, D & E


  • Anionic salts improve calcium availability and utilization which is essential for the reduction of milk fever incidence at lambing
  • Increased energy density prior to lambing  reduces the incidence of pregnancy toxaemia and increases ewe milk supply
  • Lambing ease and high ewe milk production leads to greater lamb survivability
  • Bovatec® maximizes feed conversion efficiency
  • Flavour enhancers improve palatability and encourage dry matter intake


  • Feed 500 – 600g per ewe per day for a minimum of 10 days and up to a maximum of 4weeks prior to first ewes’ lambing.
  • Safe to feed for the first few weeks of a ewe’s lactation
  • Provide unrestricted access to straw, hay or dry feed.
  • Use feeders and implement all possible strategies to prevent shy feeding and provide unrestricted access to clean, fresh water
‘Indicative Specifications’ (DM Basis)
Crude protein: 18%
Metabolisable Energy (ME): 11.4 MJ/kg
DCAB: -1224meg/kg


Bulk, Bulk Bags (800kg)
Due to the hydroscopic nature of this product, store in dry conditions for a limited period of time.